How to get hulu app on samsung tv

Are you a Samsung TV owner looking to stream your favorite shows and movies on Hulu? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of getting the Hulu app on your Samsung TV. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or new to the world of smart TVs, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding the compatibility of Hulu app with Samsung TVs

Before diving into the installation process, it’s important to ensure that your Samsung TV is compatible with the Hulu app. The majority of Samsung smart TVs support the Hulu app, but it’s worth checking the model and firmware version of your TV to confirm compatibility. You can find this information in the TV’s settings or user manual.

If your TV is compatible, get ready to experience the seamless entertainment that Hulu has to offer. With the Hulu app, you’ll have access to a vast library of TV shows, movies, and original content. From popular series like “The Handmaid’s Tale” to critically acclaimed movies, Hulu has something for everyone.

Not only does Hulu offer a wide range of content, but it also provides a user-friendly interface that makes navigating through the app a breeze. You can easily search for your favorite shows, create personalized watchlists, and even receive recommendations based on your viewing history.

However, if your Samsung TV is not compatible with the Hulu app, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. There are alternative streaming options available that can still provide you with an incredible entertainment experience. Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ offer a similar range of content and are compatible with a wide range of smart TVs.

Netflix, for example, is known for its extensive library of TV shows and movies, including popular originals like “Stranger Things” and “The Crown.” Amazon Prime Video offers a mix of original content and licensed movies and TV shows, while Disney+ is the go-to streaming service for all things Disney, including Marvel and Star Wars.

So, even if your Samsung TV doesn’t support the Hulu app, you can still enjoy a variety of streaming options to fulfill your entertainment needs. Whether you choose Hulu or one of the alternative services, you’ll have access to hours of captivating content right at your fingertips.

Step-by-step guide to downloading and installing Hulu app on your Samsung TV

Now that you’ve confirmed your TV’s compatibility, it’s time to download and install the Hulu app. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV and navigate to the Smart Hub.
  2. Using your remote, scroll to the Apps section and select “Samsung Apps.”
  3. In the Apps menu, search for “Hulu” using the on-screen keyboard.
  4. Once you’ve found the Hulu app, select it and choose the “Download” option.
  5. Wait for the app to download and install on your TV.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you’ll find the Hulu app in your Apps menu.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed the Hulu app on your Samsung TV. Get ready to stream your favorite shows and movies straight from your living room.

But wait, there’s more! Now that you have the Hulu app on your Samsung TV, let’s explore some of its exciting features. With Hulu, you’ll have access to a vast library of TV shows, movies, and original content. Whether you’re in the mood for a thrilling drama, a laugh-out-loud comedy, or a heartwarming documentary, Hulu has got you covered.

Not only does Hulu offer a wide range of content, but it also provides personalized recommendations based on your viewing history. This means that the more you watch, the better Hulu gets at suggesting shows and movies you’ll love. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to a curated selection of entertainment tailored just for you.

Exploring the features and benefits of the Hulu app on Samsung TVs

Now that you have the Hulu app up and running on your Samsung TV, let’s take a moment to discover its impressive features and benefits. The Hulu app offers:

  • Access to a vast library of on-demand TV shows, movies, and original content.
  • Intuitive interface for seamless navigation and content discovery.
  • Personalized recommendations based on your viewing preferences.
  • Multiple user profiles, allowing each family member to have their own customized Hulu experience.
  • The option to create playlists and save your favorite shows for later.
  • Convenient streaming controls, including pause, rewind, and fast-forward.

But wait, there’s more! The Hulu app on your Samsung TV not only provides an extensive library of entertainment options but also offers additional features that will enhance your viewing pleasure.

One of the standout features of the Hulu app is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other streaming services. With Hulu, you can easily access and stream content from popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max, all in one place. No more switching between apps or devices to find your favorite shows and movies.

Furthermore, the Hulu app on Samsung TVs supports 4K Ultra HD streaming, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content in stunning detail and vibrant colors. Whether you’re watching a thrilling action movie or a visually stunning nature documentary, the high-resolution playback will transport you into the heart of the action.

Additionally, the Hulu app offers a unique feature called “Watch Party,” which allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies with friends and family, even if they are miles away. With synchronized playback and a built-in chat feature, you can share your reactions and discuss the plot twists in real-time, creating a virtual movie night experience like no other.

With these fantastic features and additional benefits, the Hulu app on your Samsung TV is sure to elevate your entertainment experience to new heights. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in a world of endless entertainment possibilities.

Troubleshooting common issues when trying to get Hulu app on Samsung TV

While the installation process is generally smooth, you may encounter some common issues along the way. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you get past any hurdles:

1. Check your internet connection: Ensure that your Samsung TV is connected to a stable internet connection. A slow or intermittent connection can hinder the download and installation process.

2. Update your TV’s firmware: Outdated firmware can sometimes cause compatibility issues. Check for any available firmware updates in your TV’s settings menu and install them before attempting to download the Hulu app.

3. Restart your TV: A simple restart can often resolve minor issues. Turn off your TV, unplug it from the power source, wait for a few minutes, and then plug it back in. Turn on the TV and try downloading the Hulu app again.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into each troubleshooting tip to understand why it can be effective:

Check your internet connection: A stable internet connection is crucial for a smooth streaming experience. When your Samsung TV is connected to a slow or intermittent internet connection, it can cause interruptions and buffering while downloading the Hulu app. To ensure a stable connection, try moving your TV closer to the Wi-Fi router or consider using an Ethernet cable for a wired connection.

Update your TV’s firmware: Firmware updates are essential for keeping your Samsung TV up to date with the latest features and bug fixes. Sometimes, an outdated firmware version can create compatibility issues with certain apps, including Hulu. By regularly checking for firmware updates in your TV’s settings menu and installing them, you can ensure that your TV is optimized for a seamless streaming experience.

Restart your TV: Just like any electronic device, a quick restart can work wonders in resolving minor issues. When you restart your Samsung TV, it clears temporary files and refreshes the system, potentially resolving any glitches that may be preventing the Hulu app from downloading. It’s a simple yet effective troubleshooting step that is worth trying before seeking further assistance.

If you’re still facing issues after trying these troubleshooting tips, it’s best to reach out to Samsung support or Hulu’s customer service for further assistance. Their knowledgeable teams will be able to provide you with personalized guidance to get the Hulu app up and running on your Samsung TV.

Comparing different methods to access Hulu on your Samsung TV

While downloading the Hulu app directly from the Samsung Apps Store is the most common method, there are alternative ways to access Hulu on your Samsung TV. Let’s explore a couple of these methods:

1. Screen mirroring: If your Samsung TV supports screen mirroring, you can mirror your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen to your TV and open the Hulu app on your device. This allows you to enjoy Hulu content on the big screen without directly installing the app on your TV.

2. Streaming devices: Another option is to use external streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV Stick. These devices connect to your Samsung TV and provide access to various streaming services, including Hulu. Simply connect the streaming device to your TV, set it up, and install the Hulu app on the device.

Consider these alternative methods if you’re unable to download the Hulu app directly on your Samsung TV.

3. Smart TV apps: In addition to the Samsung Apps Store, there are other app stores available for Samsung TVs. These app stores may have different versions of the Hulu app or alternative apps that offer similar streaming services. Exploring these app stores can provide you with additional options to access Hulu content on your Samsung TV.

4. Game consoles: If you own a game console such as PlayStation or Xbox, you can also access Hulu through their dedicated apps. These apps are often available for download from the console’s app store. By connecting your game console to your Samsung TV, you can enjoy Hulu’s extensive library of movies and TV shows.

By considering these additional methods, you can expand your options for accessing Hulu on your Samsung TV. Whether it’s through screen mirroring, streaming devices, smart TV apps, or game consoles, there are multiple ways to enjoy your favorite Hulu content on the big screen.

Tips and tricks for optimizing your Hulu app experience on Samsung TVs

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, let’s explore some tips and tricks to enhance your Hulu app experience on Samsung TVs:

  • Use the search feature to quickly find specific shows, movies, or actors.
  • Explore the “Collections” section to discover handpicked content based on themes and genres.
  • Try the “Live TV” feature if you have a Hulu + Live TV subscription to access live channels and sports events.
  • Customize your subtitles and audio preferences in the settings menu.
  • Ensure that your TV is connected to a high-speed internet connection for smooth streaming.

By utilizing these tips and tricks, you’ll make the most of your Hulu app experience on your Samsung TV.

But wait, there’s more! We have a couple of additional tips that will take your Hulu app experience to the next level. Are you ready?

Firstly, did you know that you can create multiple profiles within your Hulu account? This means that each member of your household can have their own personalized recommendations and watch history. No more accidentally stumbling upon your partner’s guilty pleasure shows! Simply go to the “Profiles” section in the settings menu and add a new profile. You can even choose a fun avatar to represent each person.

Secondly, let’s talk about the “Watchlist” feature. It’s like having your own personal queue of shows and movies that you want to watch. Whenever you come across something interesting while browsing, simply click the “+” button and it will be added to your Watchlist. This way, you can easily keep track of all the content you want to catch up on without having to search for it again.

So there you have it, two bonus tips to enhance your Hulu app experience on Samsung TVs. With these additional features, you’ll have even more control and convenience at your fingertips. Happy streaming!

Exploring the content library available on Hulu app for Samsung TVs

With the Hulu app now installed on your Samsung TV, let’s embark on a journey through the vast and captivating content library that awaits you. Prepare to be immersed in a world of endless entertainment possibilities, where every click of the remote unveils a new adventure.

As you delve into the depths of Hulu’s content library, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a plethora of captivating TV shows, each with its own unique storyline and unforgettable characters. From critically acclaimed dramas that tug at your heartstrings to side-splitting comedies that leave you in stitches, Hulu has carefully curated a collection that caters to every taste and preference.

But it doesn’t stop there. Hulu’s content library also boasts a treasure trove of award-winning movies that will transport you to different worlds and evoke a myriad of emotions. Lose yourself in the magic of cinema as you discover timeless classics, thought-provoking documentaries, and adrenaline-pumping action flicks that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

What truly sets Hulu apart is its commitment to original programming. With a growing slate of exclusive Hulu originals, you’ll have access to groundbreaking series that can’t be found anywhere else. From gripping thrillers that will leave you guessing until the very end to heartwarming tales that touch your soul, these originals showcase the creativity and innovation that Hulu is known for.

But fear not, dear viewer, for navigating this vast content library is a breeze. With intuitive browsing features, you can effortlessly explore different genres, discover trending shows, and dive into curated collections that are tailored to your interests. Unearth hidden gems that might have slipped under your radar and rediscover all-time favorites that hold a special place in your heart.

And the excitement doesn’t end there. With new content being added regularly, your entertainment options are constantly expanding. Stay up to date with the latest releases and be the first to experience the hottest shows and movies that everyone will be talking about.

So, grab your remote and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through the captivating content library of Hulu. Let the power of storytelling transport you to new worlds, evoke a range of emotions, and leave you craving for more.

Understanding the subscription options and pricing for Hulu on Samsung TVs

While some content on Hulu is available for free, accessing the full range of shows and movies requires a subscription. Here are the subscription options and pricing for Hulu on your Samsung TV:

  • Hulu (Ad-supported): This plan costs $5.99 per month and includes access to the entire Hulu library with occasional ad breaks during shows.
  • Hulu (No Ads): For $11.99 per month, you can enjoy ad-free streaming of all Hulu content.
  • Hulu + Live TV: This plan costs $64.99 per month and includes access to live TV channels in addition to the Hulu library.

Choose the subscription plan that best suits your preferences and budget, and unlock a world of entertainment on your Samsung TV.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into each subscription option to help you make an informed decision. First up, we have the Hulu (Ad-supported) plan. This plan offers incredible value at just $5.99 per month. With this subscription, you’ll gain access to the entire Hulu library, which includes a vast collection of TV shows and movies. While there may be occasional ad breaks during your favorite shows, they are strategically placed and won’t disrupt your viewing experience.

If you prefer an uninterrupted streaming experience, you might want to consider the Hulu (No Ads) plan. For $11.99 per month, you can enjoy all the content Hulu has to offer without any pesky advertisements. Imagine immersing yourself in your favorite TV series or movie marathon without any interruptions. It’s a truly seamless and enjoyable way to indulge in your entertainment cravings.

For those who crave even more variety and live TV channels, the Hulu + Live TV plan is the perfect choice. Priced at $64.99 per month, this plan not only grants you access to the entire Hulu library but also provides live TV channels. Stay up to date with the latest news, catch live sports events, and enjoy a wide range of entertainment options all in one place. It’s like having the best of both worlds, combining the convenience of streaming with the excitement of live television.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the subscription options and pricing for Hulu on your Samsung TV, it’s time to choose the plan that aligns with your preferences and budget. Whether you opt for the ad-supported plan, the ad-free experience, or the ultimate Hulu + Live TV package, you’ll be opening the doors to a world of entertainment right at your fingertips. So sit back, relax, and let the binge-watching begin!

Exploring alternative streaming options for Samsung TV users without Hulu app

If, unfortunately, your Samsung TV doesn’t support the Hulu app, don’t worry – there are alternative streaming options available. Consider the following alternatives:

  • Smartphone or tablet: Install the Hulu app on your smartphone or tablet and use screen mirroring to enjoy Hulu content on your TV. Connect your device to your TV via an HDMI cable or wireless streaming options.
  • Streaming devices: As mentioned earlier, external streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV Stick provide access to Hulu and many other streaming services. Connect any of these devices to your TV, install the Hulu app, and start streaming.

These alternative options ensure that you can still enjoy Hulu content on your Samsung TV, even without directly installing the app.

Future updates and enhancements to the Hulu app for Samsung TVs

The world of streaming constantly evolves, and Hulu continues to enhance its app to provide an even better experience for Samsung TV users. Keep an eye out for future updates that may introduce new features, improved performance, and an expanded content library.

As technology advances, the Hulu app on your Samsung TV is sure to stay up-to-date with the latest streaming innovations.


Getting the Hulu app on your Samsung TV is a simple process that opens the door to a world of entertainment. By following our step-by-step guide, you can seamlessly install the Hulu app and enjoy a vast library of shows, movies, and original content.

Remember to check the compatibility of your Samsung TV, troubleshoot any issues, and explore alternative streaming options if necessary. With Hulu at your fingertips, your TV-viewing experience will never be the same.


Q: Can I watch live TV on Hulu?

A: Yes, Hulu offers live TV streaming through its Hulu + Live TV plan, allowing you to access numerous live channels and sports events.

Q: Can I download shows and movies on Hulu for offline viewing?

A: Unfortunately, Hulu does not currently support offline downloads. However, you can stream content at any time as long as you have an active internet connection.

Q: Are there parental controls available on the Hulu app?

A: Yes, Hulu provides parental control settings that allow you to restrict access to mature content. You can set up profiles for each family member with different content restrictions.

Q: Can I use my Hulu subscription on multiple devices?

A: Yes, you can use your Hulu subscription on multiple devices. Hulu allows simultaneous streaming on up to two devices for the base subscription, and up to unlimited devices with the Hulu + Live TV plan.

Q: Is Hulu available in my country?

A: Hulu is currently only available for streaming within the United States. If you’re outside of the US, you may need to use a VPN service to access Hulu content.

We hope this article has provided you with all the information you need to get the Hulu app on your Samsung TV. Happy streaming!

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