What is the downside of hulu live tv?

Hulu Live TV has become a popular choice for cord-cutters looking for a comprehensive streaming service. However, like any other service, it has its drawbacks. In this article, we will explore the downsides of Hulu Live TV, including hidden costs, limited channel selection, technical issues, inconsistent video quality, DVR limitations, geographical restrictions, advertisements, customer service concerns, compatibility issues, and alternative options. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the disadvantages of Hulu Live TV and be better equipped to make an informed decision about your streaming entertainment options.

Hidden Costs and Fees of Hulu Live TV

While Hulu Live TV offers competitive pricing plans, it is essential to be aware of potential hidden costs and fees. Many users complain about additional charges for add-ons, premium channels, or enhanced features. These extra expenses can quickly add up, significantly impacting your monthly budget if you are not careful.

For instance, let’s say you’re a sports enthusiast and want to access all the major sports channels. While Hulu Live TV provides a solid selection of sports channels in its basic package, you may find that certain premium sports channels, like NFL RedZone or NBA League Pass, require an additional subscription fee. These fees can catch you off guard, especially if you’re not expecting them.

Furthermore, some users find the device compatibility limitations frustrating. Hulu Live TV may not be available on all streaming devices, requiring you to invest in additional hardware if your current devices are not compatible. This can be an unexpected expense, especially if you’ve recently purchased a new streaming device and assumed it would work seamlessly with Hulu Live TV.

Let’s say you have a smart TV that you use for all your streaming needs. You’re excited to try out Hulu Live TV, only to discover that it’s not supported on your particular TV model. Now, you’re faced with the decision of either purchasing a new smart TV that is compatible with Hulu Live TV or investing in a streaming device like Roku or Apple TV. Both options come with their own costs, and it’s important to factor them into your budget.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that while Hulu Live TV offers a cloud DVR feature, it has its limitations. The basic package only includes 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, which might not be sufficient if you’re someone who likes to record multiple shows or sporting events. If you exceed the storage limit, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher-tier plan, which means additional fees.

So, before diving into a subscription with Hulu Live TV, it’s crucial to consider these potential hidden costs and fees. Take the time to evaluate your streaming needs, including any desired add-ons or premium channels, as well as the compatibility of your devices. By doing so, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and ensures a seamless streaming experience.

Limited Channel Selection on Hulu Live TV

Another downside of Hulu Live TV is the limited channel selection compared to traditional cable or satellite providers. While Hulu Live TV offers a broad range of channels, including sports, news, and entertainment, there may be some notable omissions. This can be particularly disappointing for users who have specific channels they enjoy watching but are not available on Hulu Live TV.

When it comes to television, variety is the spice of life. We all have our favorite channels that we turn to for the latest news updates, gripping sports events, or captivating entertainment shows. However, with Hulu Live TV, there is a slight trade-off in terms of channel selection. While the service does offer an impressive array of channels, it’s important to note that it may not have every single channel that you’re accustomed to with traditional cable or satellite providers.

Imagine this scenario: you’re an avid sports fan, eagerly anticipating the big game. You grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot on the couch, and turn on Hulu Live TV, only to find that the channel broadcasting the game is not available. It can be quite disheartening, to say the least. While Hulu Live TV does provide a range of sports channels, there may be some specific ones that are missing from their lineup.

Similarly, if you’re a news junkie who relies on a particular news channel to stay informed about current events, you might find yourself disappointed if that channel is not available on Hulu Live TV. It’s important to consider your viewing preferences and check the channel lineup before making the switch to ensure that all your must-watch channels are included.

That being said, it’s worth noting that Hulu Live TV is constantly working to expand its channel offerings and listening to user feedback. They understand the importance of providing a diverse selection of channels to cater to the varied interests of their audience. So, while there may be some limitations in the current channel lineup, there’s always the possibility of new additions in the future.

Technical Issues and Streaming Problems

Like any streaming service, Hulu Live TV can encounter technical issues and streaming problems. Users have reported experiencing buffering, freezing, and even complete service outages during peak viewing times. These interruptions can be frustrating, especially when trying to enjoy live events or time-sensitive content.

One common technical issue that users have encountered is buffering. This occurs when the video playback pauses to load more content, causing a delay in the viewing experience. While buffering is a normal part of streaming, excessive buffering can disrupt the flow of the content and make it difficult to fully immerse oneself in the program. Hulu Live TV is constantly working to optimize its streaming capabilities and reduce buffering, but occasional interruptions may still occur.

In addition to buffering, some users have reported experiencing freezing issues while using Hulu Live TV. This occurs when the video playback suddenly stops and the screen becomes unresponsive. This can be particularly frustrating, as it disrupts the viewing experience and may require the user to restart the app or device. Hulu Live TV is aware of this issue and is actively working to address it, aiming to provide a seamless streaming experience for all users.

Furthermore, there have been instances of complete service outages during peak viewing times. This means that users are unable to access Hulu Live TV at all, preventing them from enjoying their favorite shows or live events. While these outages are rare, they can be highly inconvenient, especially for those who rely on Hulu Live TV as their primary source of entertainment. Hulu Live TV is committed to minimizing service disruptions and continuously improving its infrastructure to ensure a reliable streaming experience.

Additionally, some users have complained about the lack of stability when streaming on various devices. While Hulu Live TV may work seamlessly on one device, it may encounter compatibility and performance issues on others, resulting in a subpar streaming experience. This discrepancy in performance across different devices can be frustrating for users who switch between devices or share their Hulu Live TV account with others. Hulu Live TV is actively working on enhancing compatibility across devices and optimizing its streaming platform to provide a consistent and reliable experience for all users, regardless of the device they choose to stream on.

Inconsistent Video Quality on Hulu Live TV

A common complaint among Hulu Live TV users is the inconsistent video quality. While the service offers high-definition streaming, users have reported instances of blurry or pixelated images, especially during live events or fast-moving scenes. This detracts from the viewing experience and can be particularly frustrating for sports enthusiasts or fans of action-packed movies.

One possible reason for this inconsistency in video quality is the reliance on internet connectivity. Hulu Live TV streams content over the internet, and the quality of the video can be affected by factors such as network congestion or a weak Wi-Fi signal. When multiple devices are connected to the same network, the bandwidth available for streaming may be limited, resulting in a lower quality video stream.

Another factor that can contribute to the inconsistent video quality is the compression of the video files. In order to deliver content efficiently, streaming services like Hulu Live TV use video compression techniques. These techniques reduce the file size of the video, making it easier to stream over the internet. However, excessive compression can lead to a loss of detail and a decrease in video quality.

Hulu Live TV is aware of these issues and is constantly working to improve the video streaming experience for its users. The service regularly updates its streaming algorithms to optimize video quality and minimize buffering. Additionally, Hulu Live TV recommends that users ensure they have a stable internet connection and sufficient bandwidth for streaming high-definition content.

Despite these efforts, it’s important to note that video quality can still vary depending on individual circumstances. Factors such as the user’s internet service provider, the device being used to stream content, and the overall network conditions can all impact the quality of the video stream. Hulu Live TV strives to provide the best possible viewing experience, but it’s important for users to be aware of these potential limitations.

Lack of DVR Storage and Recording Limitations

Hulu Live TV includes a cloud-based DVR feature, allowing users to record their favorite shows and watch them later. However, one of the downsides is the limited storage capacity. Users have found the allocated DVR storage to be insufficient, forcing them to prioritize and delete recorded content to make room for new recordings.

Imagine this: you’re engrossed in a thrilling episode of your favorite show, eagerly anticipating the next twist and turn. Suddenly, a notification pops up on your screen, reminding you that your DVR storage is nearing its limit. Panic sets in as you realize you have to make the difficult decision of which recordings to sacrifice in order to make room for new ones. It’s like being asked to choose between your favorite children!

But wait, there’s more. While the cloud-based DVR feature is undoubtedly convenient, Hulu Live TV imposes certain recording limitations that can dampen the viewing experience. Picture this scenario: you’re watching a recorded episode of a popular sitcom, eager to skip through the commercial breaks and get back to the hilarious storyline. However, to your dismay, you find yourself unable to fast-forward through those pesky ads. It’s like being trapped in a time warp, forced to endure the same commercials over and over again.

Additionally, Hulu Live TV places restrictions on recording specific channels or programs. Imagine being a sports enthusiast who wants to record every game of your favorite team, only to find out that certain channels or programs are off-limits for recording. It’s like being a bird with clipped wings, unable to soar freely and capture every exhilarating moment.

Geographical Restrictions and Availability

When it comes to the availability of Hulu Live TV, the service has been making great strides in expanding its reach to more and more regions. However, it is important to note that there are still certain geographical restrictions that can hinder access to this popular streaming platform.

While Hulu Live TV continues to make efforts to broaden its accessibility, there may still be some regions or countries where the service is not yet accessible. This can be quite frustrating for potential users who are eagerly looking forward to enjoying the features and benefits that Hulu Live TV has to offer.

Furthermore, even if Hulu Live TV is available in your area, it is worth mentioning that the channel lineup and content library may vary from region to region. This means that the selection of shows, movies, and live events could be different compared to what is available in other areas. This discrepancy in content can be disappointing for users in regions with limited options.

Imagine eagerly signing up for Hulu Live TV, only to find out that some of your favorite shows or movies are not available in your area. It can be disheartening to miss out on the latest episodes of your beloved series or the opportunity to watch highly anticipated live events.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Hulu Live TV is constantly working on expanding its content library and negotiating licensing agreements with various networks and studios. This means that the availability of shows and movies can change over time, and what may not be accessible today might become available in the near future.

So, while geographical restrictions and variations in content can be a drawback for some users, it’s worth keeping an eye out for updates and announcements from Hulu Live TV. Who knows, your favorite show might just become available sooner than you think!

Advertisements and Interruptions on Hulu Live TV

One aspect that differentiates Hulu Live TV from other streaming services is the inclusion of advertisements, even on the live television channels. While these advertisements help offset the cost of the service, they can be disruptive and interrupt the viewing experience. Users accustomed to ad-free streaming may find this aspect of Hulu Live TV off-putting.

Additionally, some users have reported repetitive or excessive ad placement, which can feel intrusive and repetitive during extended viewing sessions.

It is important to note that the inclusion of advertisements on Hulu Live TV is not without its merits. These advertisements allow Hulu to offer a more affordable subscription price compared to other streaming services. By partnering with advertisers, Hulu is able to provide a wider range of content options and maintain a diverse selection of live television channels.

Moreover, the advertisements on Hulu Live TV are specifically tailored to the viewer’s interests and preferences. Through advanced targeting algorithms, Hulu ensures that the ads shown are relevant and engaging to each individual user. This personalized approach not only enhances the viewing experience but also allows advertisers to reach their target audience more effectively.

While some may argue that the presence of advertisements disrupts the flow of watching live television, it is worth considering the alternative. Without advertisements, the cost of subscribing to Hulu Live TV would likely increase significantly. By striking a balance between ads and content, Hulu is able to offer a more accessible and affordable streaming experience to a wider audience.

Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge that Hulu is continuously working to improve the ad experience for its users. The company is investing in research and development to explore innovative ways to integrate advertisements seamlessly into the viewing experience. This includes exploring interactive ad formats, where users can engage with ads in a more immersive and entertaining manner.

In conclusion, while the inclusion of advertisements on Hulu Live TV may be seen as a drawback by some users, it is a necessary component that allows the service to remain affordable and accessible. By leveraging targeted advertising and investing in ad innovation, Hulu aims to strike a balance between user experience and revenue generation. As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Hulu adapts and improves its ad offerings to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of its viewers.

Customer Service and Support Issues

Customer service and support is an essential aspect of any service, and this is an area where Hulu Live TV has received mixed reviews. Some users have reported difficulties when dealing with customer service representatives, citing unhelpful responses or long wait times. This can be frustrating, especially when trying to resolve technical issues or billing concerns.

While Hulu Live TV does offer an online help center and community forums for self-assistance, some users prefer more direct and accessible customer support options.

Compatibility and Device Limitations

Although Hulu Live TV is compatible with various streaming devices, such as smart TVs, streaming sticks, and gaming consoles, there are still limitations. Some users have reported compatibility issues with older devices or models that do not meet the minimum system requirements.

Furthermore, the number of simultaneous streams allowed on a single Hulu Live TV account may vary depending on the subscription plan you choose. This can be inconvenient for households with multiple viewers who want to watch different shows simultaneously.

Alternatives to Hulu Live TV for Streaming Entertainment

If the downsides of Hulu Live TV outweigh the benefits for you, there are alternative streaming services available. Popular options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ offer a vast library of on-demand content without the need for live television. Other live TV streaming services like YouTube TV and Sling TV provide similar features to Hulu Live TV with potentially different channel lineups and pricing structures.

It’s important to research and compare these alternatives to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.


While Hulu Live TV offers many advantages for cord-cutters, it also has its downsides. Hidden costs, limited channel selection, technical issues, inconsistent video quality, DVR limitations, geographical restrictions, advertisements, customer service concerns, compatibility issues – these are all factors to consider when deciding whether Hulu Live TV is the right streaming service for you.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your viewing habits, preferences, and budget. By weighing the pros and cons, as well as considering alternative options, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your entertainment needs.


How much does Hulu Live TV cost?

Hulu Live TV offers different pricing plans. The base plan starts at $64.99 per month and includes over 65 channels. However, additional fees and costs may apply based on your selected add-ons, premium channels, or enhanced features.

Can I skip commercials on Hulu Live TV?

While Hulu Live TV allows you to fast-forward through commercials when watching recorded content, this feature is not available for all shows and channels. Some programs may have restrictions on skipping commercials.

What devices are compatible with Hulu Live TV?

Hulu Live TV is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smart TVs, streaming sticks, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. However, it is important to check the Hulu website for the most up-to-date list of supported devices.

Can I watch Hulu Live TV outside the United States?

Hulu Live TV is currently only available within the United States. If you travel internationally, you may encounter geographical restrictions, preventing you from accessing the service. However, Hulu’s on-demand streaming service may be available in some countries.

What are some alternatives to Hulu Live TV?

There are several alternatives to Hulu Live TV, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. These services offer different content libraries, pricing plans, and features, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

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